Monday, October 31, 2016

CFA: Pilot Project: Europe of Diversities

Deadline: February 28, 2017

The aim of the pilot project on "Europe of diversities" is to enhance the motto of the European Union: "United in diversity" especially on local and regional level. With the pilot project EU citizens in regions with multicultural and multilingual background, or where minority groups are particularly excluded or subject to discrimination, would receive the possibility to understand better each other's culture, language and identity. Mutual understanding, acceptance and tolerance is a core element of fruitful coexistence of different ethnic, religious, national and linguistic groups, as well as of different generations and minority groups more generally. The pilot project would contribute to the work which has been already done in the field of non-discrimination, education and language learning, however the objective is to reach different groups of the society and to foster the multicultural dialogue between the EU citizens on local and regional level on one hand, and through the exchange of opportunities on EU-level on the other hand. One of the strengths and richness of the EU is in its diversity. Therefore it should be adequately promoted and made understood that it is an added value to the EU.

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